Gordon Lightfoot Returns to Stage

Article written by on Monday, Nov 29, 2004 in People

Gordon Lightfoot returned to the stage for his first full concert since a near fatal aneurism. The concert was a benefit for McMaster University Medical Centre where Lightfoot was treated.

Halfway through his 80-minute show, Lightfoot paused to personally thank Dr. Michael Marcaccio, the surgeon who performed several operations on him during a 13-week period in the fall of 2002.

“I had a wonderful experience there,” Lightfoot said before playing Sundown, with its “I’m feeling no pain” chorus. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a family atmosphere there…. Thank you, everyone at McMaster.” [Link] to a copy of the Hamilton Spectator article on Gordon’s website.

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Wired News: ‘Music Is Not a Loaf of Bread’

Article written by on Tuesday, Nov 16, 2004 in Music Technology,Opinion

While the big record labels continue to say that file sharing will be the death of the music industry, the evidence is far from clear that this is so. The alt-rock band Wilco has become even more successful since they started actively encouraging sharing of their music on the internet.

“After being dropped from Reprise Records in 2001 over creative conflicts surrounding Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the Chicago-based band committed what some thought would be suicide — they streamed it online for free. The album’s subsequent release on Nonesuch debuted higher on the charts than any of their prior releases. ”
Xeni Jarden interviews Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy on the bands attitude towards file sharing and the music industries efforts to stop it.

Wired News: ‘Music Is Not a Loaf of Bread’

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O’Reilly: Interview: Gina Fant-Saez Builds the Global Studio

Article written by on Saturday, Nov 13, 2004 in Music Technology

O’Reilly Digital Media interviews Austin music producer Gina Fant-Saez, who’s recorded Shawn Colvin, Bella Fleck and Kelly Willis as well as a who’s who of rock and popular musicians. About her plans for eSession a “Global Studio” which will allow artists working from their home studios collaborate on recordings. The interview offers a glimpse of how computers have made professional recording technology available to more people and how that may shape the music industry in the future.

O’Reilly: Interview: Gina Fant-Saez Builds the Global Studio

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WBUR Online Arts : Protest Roars Back (2004-10-27)

Article written by on Friday, Nov 12, 2004 in Opinion

Danielle Dreilinger on Folk Music, protest and questions of censorship by venus. WBUR Online Arts : Protest Roars Back (2004-10-27)

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Charlie Rides Again

Article written by on Thursday, Nov 11, 2004 in Opinion

It seems more than a touch ironic that Charlie the mythical hero of “Charlie on the MTA” has been adopted by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (Successor to the MTA) to personify their new automated fare card. The lyrics were written by in 1948 by Jacqueline Steiner and Bess Lomax Hawes as a campaign song for Walter A Obrien. Obrien who was Progressive Party candidate for mayor of Boston, made fighting fare increases a major part of his platform. The 1959 Kingston Trio recording changed the lyrics banishing Obrien bacause all members of the Progressive party were labeled Communists. You can find more information on the song on Jonathon Reeds Charlie on the MTA page. The article on the “Charlie Card” can be found here.

Thanks to Jody Kolodzey who pointed this out on the Folk Alliance mailing list.

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Article written by on Thursday, Nov 11, 2004 in Announcements

Welcome to Back Porch News

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