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It wasn’t looking good for the Oldsongs Festival this year. The weather forecast looked pretty awful then a family emergency kept us up until 2am the day before we were supposed to leave. We finally rolled in to the festival about 6pm on Friday which left us an hour to set up our tent and get to the main stage for the beginning of the evening concert.

It was worth it however. We had a blast. The weather held and the music was fabulous as usual.

Oldsongs falls solidly on the traditional side of folk but manages to represent a wide variety of styles from around the world. There were so many wonderful performances that it’s hard to pick favorites.

Alan Jabbour and Ken Perlman (Appalachian fiddle and banjo tunes), Lian De Cubel ( celtic music from Asturias in Spain ) and Paul Geremia stood out mostly because I hadn’t seen any of them before. Not to mention Finest Kind, Beppe Gambetta, Debby McClatchy, Brian Peters and a few more who don’t come to mind right now. We had to leave before the end of the last concert which meant there were a number of great performers we never got to see.

Life has been more than hectic lately and the festival offered a welcome respite. I can hardly believe it’s been almost over almost a week already. Oldsongs is on my calender pretty much every year and if you like traditional music it ought to be on yours.

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New Folk Blog

Article written by on Thursday, Jun 29, 2006 in On The Web

Ron Olesko host of WFDU-FM’s long running folk radio show “Traditions” and board member & booker of the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club. Has joined elite (well small any way) club of folkies with weblogs.

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WBAI Live Broadcast from Clearwater Festival

Article written by on Friday, Jun 16, 2006 in On The Web

WBAI – Pacifica Radio in New York City will be broadcasting live from the Clearwater Festival.

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Odds and Ends

Article written by on Tuesday, Jun 13, 2006 in On The Web

No I haven’t fallen off the planet but apart from the sad news about Margaret MacArthur there hasn’t been a ton of news these past couple of weeks. I do have a few odds and ends from around the net for you however.

Lets start with a great write up of Merlefest. The line up this year included Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris, Hot Tuna, Doc Watson the Duhks, the Mammals and many others. Some of these days I’ve got to get myself there.

Bob Lefsetz writes a long standing music industry newsletter a few weeks ago he had a great article about his experience attending a house concert by Wendy Waldman at Bodie House Concerts.

Over at Hickory Wind Sean takes exception to the generally positive response to the Dixie Chicks new album.

Finally as if there weren’t enough things on the Internet to waste time on now you can play the blues right in your web browser.

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