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Article written by Ken on Monday, Jul 17, 2006 in People

Inspired by Kyle MacDonald’s success bartering one red paper clip up to a house in 12 successive trades, Singer-Songwriter/Real Estate Agent, Greg Allen is hoping to trade 8.623 acres of land near Charlottesville, VA up to an arts endowment for SongSharingâ„¢, a non-profit organization that he started in 1994.

You can read more details on his website.

I don’t know Mr Allen and can’t vouch for him or his offer, he contacted me and asked me to post this -Ken

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Greg Allen Website Reply

Thanks very much for the post Ken. The AP has picked up the story and it is making its’ way across Virginia and the Internet

I have had one call on the land so far – nothing serious yet… It was interesting though, because he felt he had nothing to barter, then he casually mentioned that a good friend of his manages the group Heart. Heart! I encouraged him to pass the news to his friend and ask him to get it in front of Anne and Nancy. I reminded him that Kyle had traded up to a day with Alice Cooper during his quest… I think I heard those little wheels in his head begin to turn!

SongSharing has had the support of R.E.M./Athens since 2003 when we did our CD’s for the Troops drive. Richard Shindell, Rebel Records and a host of local and regional musicians supported that effort, and we netted 500 cd’s, dvd’s and t-shirts for US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. In 2005 R.E.M. stepped up again, and Music Today got involved by providing us some autographed stuff from Dave Matthews Band, Government Mule, Jem and others. Interestingly I have had far more success looking for support outside the C’ville area. There is a small core of local businesses that has supported our efforts since 2002 – The Hook, WNRN91.9fm, Cole’s Import Specialists, C’ville Market, Mona Lisa Pasta and Blue Ridge Graphics. I’m looking to them again to help us print the new CD, which should be ready in the next four weeks if all goes well.

More info on SongSharing is at, and four of the songs from the “Studio Series Volume 1: Tales of the Uneasy Writer” can be heard at – the first four songs are from the SongSharing CD.

Real Estate professionals that would like to support SongSharing (and a non-profit in their community) can visit, where they can sign up for the REALANTHROPIST(tm) designation.

Thanks again Ken – it’s for real and making waves like I never imagined.