Tangleweed: Where You Been So Long

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Where You Been So Long? Tangleweed is a five piece string band with a sound firmly rooted in tradition. Which tradition it is, is a little more uncertain. Drawing from oldtime, bluegrass, western swing and jazz, they create a sound that is authentically American but fiercely refuses to be pinned down to any one genre. They have the fast pickin’, high energy sound of a top notch bluegrass band but their repertoire, arrangements and chord selections are much more eclectic.

‘Where You Been So Long’ includes a western swing tune, an ‘instant old-timey protest song’ written by the band, a medley of Irish tunes, a jazz standard or two as well as songs penned by members of the band. In spite of the varied sources, the CD moves smoothly from one cut to the next and the end result is a juicy, toe tapping CD, great for bopping around the house or a long drive.

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Tangleweed’s web site.

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Eric Von Schmidt Has Died

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Baby Let Me Lay It On You Cover

Eric Von Schmidt died at his home in in Connecticut on Friday. A seminal figure in the late fifties and early sixties folk scene in Cambridge Mass., He influenced Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Tom Rush and many others.

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