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Article written by Sharon on Wednesday, Aug 19, 2009 in People,Reviews

When you listen to Walt Cronin, don’t expect fancy language or complicated musical structure. Listen to the words, though, because simple words can carry a great impact. On his recent solo release, The Gousters, Walt sings of love, war and everyday things, and brings you into the experience. These are songs from the heart — the essence of true folk music. Of a war widow: “It’s the hurt that’s in us all, as we watch those young men fall….” (Flowers in Her Hand). Of a veteran’s life:  “…I was a soldier, led to the places that left me bereaved….Came home a stranger….” (The Rift). Of a homeless girl: “How can this be, in the land of the free….no one is listening…” (She’s On Her Own).

The Gousters derives its name from a term Walt and former co-musician Zander Schloss used to describe themselves, based on urban Chicago street slang. The CD is similar in style to one issued by Walt and Zander under the same name in 2005, but the two are not to be confused. As far as musical style, the instrumental accompaniment reminds me of a time when folk, rock and country were more closely related and were played interchangeably on pop radio. A little reminiscent of The Outlaws. There is even a touch of Celtic sound in “Ageless Dreams.” The album finishes up with a very sweet tribute to a loved one (You Are the Light).

You can listen to clips from the new CD on Folk Alley, MySpace or CD Baby. Spend a little time with Walt Cronin and his music. It will be time well spent.

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charlie panosian Reply

Walts music is GREAT!! we are waitng for more,its music that we enjoy and can sing along with. Very refreshing! Charlie Panosian Lodi Wi

Peter McCarthy Reply

I’ve know Walter for a long time. First and last time I ever got arrested was with him. We were twelve and pool hopping. And I’ve seen his growth as an artist, and the courage and persistence it’s taken for him to put his voice out there. I like to listen to the Gousters because the music is catchy and Walt’s stories are full of heartfelt truths. He’s a no BS guy, and I’m glad to see him getting a little recognition. Walt deserves it.

Tom L.A. Reply

Did you ever have one of those days? “From the time I was born, I could’ve sworn, Things might not go my way.” I laughed so hard I cried. Just a lot of real stuff that folk can relate to. Although he did find a brand new day. Some sad things that we should take heed of in our world. It’s up to the people to change it, not the government. We lead. Thanks Sharon. And Walt.

Lorna Kidd Reply

Walts music reminds me of home. The music is sweet and comforting, his voice soothing whether singing of optimism or sorrow. Like home, his music is inviting and easy to be with.