Haitian Music Recordings by Alan Lomax May Benefit Earthquake Victims

Article written by on Sunday, Feb 28, 2010 in On The Web,Releases

Music historian Alan Lomax recorded folk musicians not only throughout the southeastern United States but also in various other countries. During the mid-1930s he made extensive recordings of musical performances in Haiti. The recordings….

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Alan Lomax on PBS

Article written by on Monday, Aug 21, 2006 in Media

Ron Olesko points out that PBS will be airing a documentary on Alan Lomax as part of the POV series.

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Alan Lomax Database

Article written by on Wednesday, May 18, 2005 in On The Web

The Alan Lomax archive is placing an extensive collection of field recordings and photos by Alan Lomax online at While the available material is broad it provides only 40 second samples of the audio recordings. To access the site you need to create an acount and sign off on a (185 line!) user agreement.

Currently seven collections are online with more to come: Texas Gladden & Hobart Smith 1946; Calypso Concert 1946; Mississippi Prison Recordings 1947 and 1948; Big Bill Broonzy 1952; Southern Journey US 1959 and 1960; Hally Wood 1960; and Central Park Concert 1965.

You could also check out Rounder Records commercial release’s of Lomax’s recordings.

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