Cohen and Raitt in Hall of Fame Lists

Article written by on Wednesday, Feb 24, 2010 in Awards

Leonard Cohen is one of several artists scheduled to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in June. Cohen, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys in January, recently postponed his tour due to health issues.

Bonnie Raitt will be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in May.

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Minor Health Incident Interrupts Leonard Cohen’s Concert in Spain

Article written by on Saturday, Sep 19, 2009 in Opinion,People

A few years ago I was watching one of those depressing police or hospital shows when my attention was seized by a mournful song as the credits rolled. I was not alone, for many people called or went online to find out more about the artist and the song. Although I have followed some folk artists for years, there are others with whom I have not previously been acquainted. This episode was my first introduction to Jeff Buckley and my second hearing of Leonard Cohen’s music. As you may have guessed, the song was “Hallelujah.”

I already loved the song “Suzanne,” which I have on a Joan Baez album, but had not checked into Leonard’s writings further. At this point I decided it was high time I knew more, so I made an effort to find more of his music. To be honest some songs I have found so far, I love, and some I can easily go the rest of my life without hearing again. But I recently saw clips of Leonard performing his music live, and there is something mesmerizing about the way he sings. So I was concerned to see this morning’s story in the New Zealand magazine Stuff, about Leonard collapsing on stage.

As it turns out, this was a minor episode, but it reminds us of the health issues involved when a singer takes up touring again after thinking they could retire safely. You may already know the story, but if not you can read more in the article mentioned above.

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Leonard Cohen Live in London Release March 31

Article written by on Thursday, Mar 26, 2009 in Concerts,Releases,Tours

A two-CD set from Leonard Cohen’s July 17, 2008 London performance will be released Tuesday, as will a DVD of the same. Songs include “Suzanne,” “In My Secret Life,” “Sisters of Mercy,” “First We Take Manhattan,” “Hallelujah” and 21 others. Audio and video excerpts are available on CBC Radio 2.

Cohen will be performing in Austin April 1, Oakland April 14, Chicago May 6 and Boston May 30.

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