Pete Seeger’s San Francisco Interview

Article written by on Saturday, Sep 19, 2009 in On The Web,People

In case you missed it, last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle carried an article by Joel Selvin on his recent interview with Pete Seeger, giving some personal insight into the everyday life of the man behind the legend. Seeger was in town for an appearance with the Guthrie Family Tour.

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Pete Seeger 90th Birthday Party May 3

Article written by on Wednesday, Mar 18, 2009 in Concerts,People

Tickets go on sale March 30 for Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday celebration, a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden for the nonprofit Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. Emmylou Harris, Arlo Guthrie and Steve Earle are just a few of the many participating musicians. We’ll write more on this closer to the event.

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Petition to Nominate Pete Seeger for Nobel Peace Prize

Article written by on Friday, Mar 23, 2007 in Opinion

Long-time civil rights activist and co-founder of the Freedom Song Network, Eleanor Walden has organized a petition to urge the American Friends Service Committee to nominate Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Pete Seeger has been a crusader for Peace and Social Justice over the course of his 87 year lifetime. As a prominent musician his songs, messages and performance style have worked to engage other people, particularly the youth, in causes to end the Vietnam war, ban nuclear weapons, work for international solidarity, and ecological responsibility. It is time that a cultural worker receives the recognition that this work has great influence and global reach, that it is not only a medium of entertainment but of education, compassion and fraternity.

Of course Pete has never been alone in this work. He is the first to affirm that. But his unique sense of purpose, decency, and ability, and the support of Toshi and his family gave him the opportunity to be all that he could be. He is a role model and a guiding spirit, we are fortunate to have had him in our world. We can be influential in getting him nominated for the honor he deserves.

As cultural workers we know the power of the arts, we also know how difficult it is to gain recognition for cultural creation. Pete Seeger has gained recognition without compromise! Carl Sandburg called Seeger “the living embodiment of America’s traditions….” When Pete was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 they said, “Pete Seeger’s contribution to folk music, both in terms of its revival and survival, cannot be overstated.” Pete was also honored by the Kennedy Center with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994. In 2001 they again paid tribute to Pete Seeger with a cross generational presentation. The program featured friends and family including Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, grandson of Pete Seeger, and Sarah Lee Guthrie, granddaughter of Woody Guthrie.” They described Pete as being, “Instrumental in popularizing the indigenous American song, his own compositions – among them ‘If I Had a Hammer,’ ‘We Shall Overcome,’ and ‘Where Have All the Flowers Gone’ (and ‘The Big Muddy’ ) have served as anthems for an entire generation.

It is important to honor our forbears, we all stand on Pete Seeger’s shoulders in a manner of speaking. We have an opportunity to acknowledge him a “father” of a cultural, social, and political movement, which enriched us all and in which we all share, as much as we share our paternal DNA.

I posted a petition on a site named The aim is grassroots influence to the American Friends Service Committee to nominate Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize. I know there are many people interested in adding support. I’m asking everyone to circulate the petition information to at least 5 other people asking them to notify 5-10 other people.

Eleanor Walden

The petition can be found at

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Pete Seeger and Paul DuBois Win Children’s Book Prize

Article written by on Monday, Jan 22, 2007 in Awards

The Deaf Musicians Pete Seeger and Paul DuBois Jacob’s book “The Deaf Musicians” has been awarded the Schneider Family Book Award for “books that embody the artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences.

“The Deaf Musicians” tells the story of a young boy who forms a jazz group with other deaf performers. who communicate through sign language, becoming a sensation for their nightly subway concerts.

MSN News: Pete Seeger Among Winners for Children’s Book Prizes

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June Carter and Johnny Cash on Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest

Article written by on Thursday, Nov 16, 2006 in On The Web

YouTube clip. June Carter and Johnny Cash on Pete Seeger’s mid 60’s TV show, Rainbow Quest.

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Bluegrass Museum Gets Pete’s Banjo

Article written by on Tuesday, Nov 07, 2006 in People

The International Bluegrass Music Museum has acquired a banjo played by Pete Seeger through out the 1960’s.

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Happy Birthday Pete

Article written by on Wednesday, May 03, 2006 in People

Born May 3rd 1919, Pete Seeger is 87 today!

“..Well, I have worked at many things, and my main profession is a student of American folklore, and I make my living as a banjo picker-sort of damning, in some people’s opinion.” — Pete Seeger in response to a question from the House Unamerican Activities Committee, August 18, 1955

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Pete Seeger Tribute Concert on NPR

Article written by on Monday, Jul 04, 2005 in On The Web

NPR has been airing a two hour exerpt from the May 15th concert held at the Keswick Theater as tribute to Pete Seeger and a benefit for Singout.

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