Scott Valentine Giving Away One Song a Week For a Year

Article written by on Thursday, Apr 02, 2009 in People,Releases

Vancouver Island singer/songwriter Scott Valentine is trying a novel approach to publicize his music. For each of 52 consecutive Tuesdays, he is giving away a music download of at least one song, totaling 57 songs. He began the project March 24, and the songs are from his 4-CD debut album, Seasons.

Valentine’s record label is Thorny Bleeder. His manager, Brian Thompson, has this to say in the label’s press release:

“Scott wrote, performed, recorded, produced, designed and printed the album entirely on his own over a two year period. It’s a culmination of the pains and heartaches of his past and his hopes and dreams for the future; a document of the peaks and valleys of human drama, as seen through his own life experiences.

Seasons consists of 4 CDs (one disc each for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) and 1 DVD (Seasons: A Film Journey). 57 songs span across the four seasons, representing a young man’s expanding consciousness through his journey of mortality. The companion DVD, Seasons: A Film Journey, is a visual representation of the album realized in a well crafted, stylish, and professional short film. An extended, four-song, concept music video shot in HD.

Valentine creates an intensely personal feeling with his music that truly penetrates the heart and soul, generating astoundingly beautiful music. With an uncanny sense of melody, Scott’s rich and soulful voice reveal an old-soul with a wisdom beyond his years. Accompanying his soaring baritone is a five-string, open tuned rhythmic guitar style all his own. His songs have an immediate sense of honesty and clarity that’s all but lost in much of today’s music. His natural and effortless folkiness somehow make him impossibly real and familiar, like an old friend delivering a message of hope that’s hard to ignore.

‘I hope Seasons can offer comfort and hope to people who desire something more from their life. I believe that hope does exist and is alive and well, burning just beneath the surface, even if the majority of the music industry has stopped looking to find it.'”

Valentine’s music style is compared to “Eddie Vedder, Ray LaMontagne, Bon Iver, Damien Rice, and Iron & Wine.” Check out the videos on his web site, in addition to the free downloads that are already there.

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